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In terms of metres produced, Feinrohren is now a leading global company in the industry.
This is due to a company policy that has always focused on creating products characterised by premium quality, reliability and innovation, which are essential features in a world where resources are becoming increasingly scarce.

In 1959 Faustino Pasotti was inspired by a friend who manufactured refrigerators and with the help of his children set up a small business producing capillary tubes for refrigerators in Lumezzane, a flourishing industrial district specialising in metalworking - Feinrohren was established.

Through an ongoing profit reinvestment policy, over the course of two decades the small metal drawing business became one of the world’s leading capillary tube drawing mills, with customers including major players in the household appliance industry.

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Trubka DN 12x1 polotvrdá, v tyčích 5m, měď

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237,16 Kč –47 %
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Trubka DN 15x1 polotvrdá, v tyčích 5m, měď

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293 Kč –50 %
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Trubka DN 18x1 polotvrdá, v tyčích 5m, měď

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